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About MOOAK Games

Let's discover Mission OOAK in less than 5 minutes.

What's MOOAK?

Mission OOAk (aka MOOAK), showcases choose your adventure games. MOOAK uses the wickeldy cool and hilariously difficult to setup

MOOAK games are

  1. Content first games
  2. Thinking-person's games
  3. Sudden-Death games.

Content-first Games

We focus on quality of content. This means we focus on quality of the experience, storyline (hence why the aptly named JEStory Line).

Thinking-person's Game

That's right. Using your brain is something good for you. And really, most online games require the reflexes of a 13 year old who just ate a jar full of chocolate chip cookies. So, we strive to provide a medium for the rest of us.

Wait a minute... Are these "Choose your own Adventure" type of games? Sure, that too.

Sudden-Death Games

Well, this is a return to the good old times when there was NO "Save" option. So, while we do have in plan for some type of save features (for items, etc), the overwhelming spirit of the games are meant to not allow progress saving. It makes for a more exciting and rewarding experience.